footballbot package


footballbot.FootballBot module

class footballbot.FootballBot.FootballBot(connection: bokkichat.connection.Connection.Connection, location: str, db_uri: Optional[str] = None)

Bases: kudubot.Bot.Bot

Class that defines the behaviour of the bot

classmethod extra_config_args() → List[str]

The list of required settings parameters

leaguemap = {'bundesliga': 'BL1', 'england1': 'PL', 'germany1': 'BL1', 'germany2': 'BL2', 'germany3': 'BL3', 'italy1': 'SA', 'premier league': 'PL', 'premierleague': 'PL', 'primera division': 'PD', 'primeradivision': 'PD', 'serie a': 'SA', 'seriea': 'SA', 'spain1': 'PD'}
classmethod name() → str

The name of the bot

on_msg(message: bokkichat.entities.message.Message.Message, address: kudubot.db.Address.Address)

Handles received messages :param message: The received message :param address: The address of the sender :return: None

classmethod parsers() → List[kudubot.parsing.CommandParser.CommandParser]

Defines the command parsers to be used :return: The parsers to use

footballbot.FootballParser module

class footballbot.FootballParser.TableParser

Bases: kudubot.parsing.CommandParser.CommandParser

Defines the parser for the “table” command

classmethod commands() → List[kudubot.parsing.Command.Command]

The possible commands supported by this parser

classmethod name() → str

The name of the parser

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